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Last updated November 20th 2019 .... Technology moves fast, so fast that it can be hard to keep up! Over the past few months, we've made lots of changes to our apps. In fact, we've made so many new updates that we've dedicated this page to them! 

With iOS13, apps that you download from the App Store are automatically updated by default. This means you won't see notifications about updating your Aptus Speech Therapy apps. Instead, you'll just have a nice surprise when you open the updated apps.  Please note that wi-fi will need to be enable for updates to automatically occur. 

If you haven't yet updated to iOS13, you will need to manually update your apps. Watch our video on how to update apps on iOS12 to find out how. 

Here are some of the most recent changes to our apps.


Our pacing therapy app for adults now has a fresh, new look. It also has new visual cues; each circle gradually becomes green when pressed. There is also now a tactile cue (on iPhone); when a circle becomes green, it vibrates. This provides additional feedback. The person has to wait for a circle to fill with colour and vibrate before they move on to the next circle and say the next word. 

 Speech Pacesetter


Speech Pacesetter now has a brand new look, a selection of in-built reading passages and the option to create a library of custom reading passages.


Turtle Talk

Our pacing therapy app for children now has brand new graphics including an animated background. The turtles fill with colour when pressed and get bigger. There is also tactile feedback (vibration) on iPhone.  

Choose to have the conversation starter questions read aloud by the app, or only displayed as text.

Comprehension Toolbox


This app is the newest addition to our range of apps for aphasia. It initially had the option to buy categories individually as in-app purchases. However, many users noted that they would prefer to have the option to buy all other categories at once. So we listened...


Comprehension Toolbox still offers two categories for free so you can try it out before you buy the other categories in a single in-app purchase. 

Verb Toolbox


This app for aphasia has a fresh new look. It still has the same functionality: 3 verb naming therapy activities, a verbal expression activity and 2 comprehension activities.

What About Android?

In the past month, we've made 3 more of our apps available on Android devices.  Conversation Paceboard, Turtle Talk, and Speech Pacesetter have been the most recent additions. Empathy Pics and Comprehension Toolbox will also be made available on Android in the near future. 

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