Keyword Understanding App for Aphasia &

Keyword Understanding

Fun with Colourful Concepts & Direction

Keyword Understanding 

Fun with Colourful Concepts & Direction...

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Keyword Understanding is designed to help improve their auditory and reading comprehension skills while working on attention to detail and working memory. The app is ideal for children with language problems who need to work on vocabulary concepts and the ability to follow instructions of increasing length. It is also suitable for adults with aphasia or cognitive-communication difficulties following stroke or traumatic brain injury. 


  • Check understanding of vocabulary and the concepts of size and colour in Comprehension Check

  • Choose a level (2-6 keyword level)

  • 2 keyword level e.g. Touch the red balloon​

  • 3 keyword level e.g. Touch the small, green umbrella 

  • 4 keyword level e.g. Touch the yellow chair and the blue candle

  • 6 Keyword level e.g. Touch the big pink cupcake and the small green glasses

  • Work on the concepts of Before/After in a variety of position in a sentence

  • Work on the concepts of First/Then

  • Available on the AppStore


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Dan Fitch

CCC-SLP, It's All Language blog

Keyword Understanding is a comprehensive auditory processing and receptive language application. You can set levels, monitor data collection, and help your students with multiple listening challenges. I have already found success with it for some of my students with Autism as well as language delays.

Helen Coleman

Speech Blog UK

Every child I have used it with has been very engaged by the lovely, brightly-coloured pictures, and has quite happily kept on listening and following the instructions. 

Tatyana Elleseff

CCC-SLP, Smart Speech Therapy

This app is great for children with processing difficulties which need to improve their ability to follow directions with a variety of embedded concepts.


behind the app

Hi, I'm Lorraine. I am a Speech and Language Therapist and the founder of Aptus Speech Therapy. I designed Conversation Paceboard. My inspiration for the app came from my clinical experience of working with adults with dysarthria due to neurological conditions including Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease. Dysarthria is a speech disorder that is characterised by poor articulation, respiration, and/or phonation. 


For many people with dysarthria, slowing their rate of speech helps improve speech clarity and intelligibility. Traditionally, speech therapists have used paper-based pacing boards to help the person to slow their rate of speech. A pacing board typically consists of 3-6 circles and the person is prompted to touch a circle each time they say a word. 

I used to use paper-based pacing boards to help adults with dysarthria to speak more clearly. However, I found that they were often not effective. This was because the person using a pacing board would often begin to tap the circles at a fast rate and then their speech would get faster too. I wondered if it would be possible to make a pacing board app that would give the user additional visual cues to help them to slow their rate of speech correctly. Conversation Paceboard was born... 



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