Turtle Talk

Pacing Therapy with Visual Cues 

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A Modern Pacing Board with Fun Visual Cues 

Turtle Talk is designed to help children with imprecise articulation and a fast speaking rate to pace their speech and improve their intelligibility in conversation. It consists of a pacing board made of 6 turtles and over 100 optional conversation questions.

Unlike traditional pacing boards, Turtle Talk offers the child additional visual cues and feedback to help them to pace their speech.

  • Choose a conversation topic

  • Answer the conversation starter question

  • Say one word or syllable per circle

  • Wait for the circ le to turtle to fill with colour and get bigger before pressing the next turtle and saying the next syllable or word

  • Adjust the speed at which the turtles fill with colour using the slider bar

Pacing Therapy Tips

  • Build self-awareness and give bio-feedback by recording the child speaking without pacing and then record them speaking when using the app

  • Praise the child for slow talking / "turtle talking"

  • Give a continuous model by also using Turtle Talk as you talk.

  • Keep conversation natural by asking additional questions and making comments

What Others Say About Turtle Talk

Having fun and concrete visuals have helped my clients significantly as compared to the usage of traditional static pacing board

By Tatyana Elleseff, CCC-SLP, Smart Speech Therapy

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