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Best Speech Therapy Apps for Children &

for Children 

Speech Therapy Apps for Speech Delay &

Speech Sound Disorders


Boost speech clarity with our engaging speech therapy apps—Minimal Pairs Arcade and Articulation Arcade. Tailored for children with speech delay and speech disorders, our apps transform therapy into a fun, interactive experience. Dive into speech therapy games designed to enhance articulation and speech skills, and see fast improvements. Try our apps for free and start today!


are our speech therapy apps for?

Our speech therapy apps are for:

  • Speech Language Professionals who work with children

  • Parents who wish to help improve their child’s speech and language

  • Teachers who wish to support children's speech development  

Speech Therapy Apps for Children


"I wish to help my child"

Giving you the right tools

to help your child’s speech and language 

Speech Therapist Apps


"I wish to have better outcomes for my students"

Making your working

life easier and more efficient 

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for speech delay & speech disorder

Articulation Arcade app
Articulation Arcade - best apps for speech therapy

Articulation Arcade

Looking for an effective and engaging way to support articulation therapy? Look no further than our comprehensive articulation therapy app for children with articulation delays and disorders. With five fun-filled articulation games and a flashcards activity, our app is the perfect tool to support children on their speech therapy journey. 

minimal pairs arcade - speech therapy ga
minimal pairs arcade: best apps for speech thrapy.png

Minimal Pairs Arcade

Discover Minimal Pairs Arcade, the perfect app for children with phonological speech sound delays and disorders. Packed with engaging games and interactive flashcards, it makes learning fun and helps improve speech effectively. Ideal for children on their speech therapy journey.


speech language pathologists & parents 

Our speech therapy apps are used in schools and clinics all over the world. Find out more about what our customers say about our speech therapy apps

Minimal Pairs Arcade Lite brings the evidence-based minimal pairs therapy approach into a fun and engaging app. With a wide choice of activities to keep children interested and engaged, this app is a welcome addition to the excellent range offered by Aptus. The Lite version allows you to trial all the activities - I highly recommend the full version which offers all speech sounds for a one-off purchase (no ads or subscriptions).


As an SLT, I recommend this app to all my clients and constantly receive positive feedback from parents that speech homework is much easier to complete with the fun and interactive activities.

By Penusia on Minimal Pairs Arcade Lite (AppStore review)

We have been using this app for the past year, we have found it incredibly helpful to assist with the development of the speech & language needs of our 7 year old at home. It is easy to use & has been really important in her SLT development. Would highly recommend as it keeps our child engaged while also developing with her speech & language skills with a variety of games.

By Manus McKay (Parent) on Minimal Pairs Arcade

I have been looking for a speech focused app like this for awhile. The multiple game formats make the work for speech students much more engaging. As we all know, when students are engaged, it is significantly easier to address goals and make progress. What’s a bonus is the access to multiple presentations of words, phrases and sentences. This app is well worth the money and gives a lot of value for the cost..


By Dan Fitch, CCC-SLP on Articulation Arcade

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