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Word-Finding Therapy for Aphasia

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Verb Toolbox

Help people with aphasia improve their auditory and reading comprehension of verbs as well verb naming and production in sentences.

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Verb Toolbox adopts 3 evidence-based verb naming therapy approches (Semantic Feature Analysis, Errorless Learning, & Response Elaboration Therapy), and 2 evidence-based comprehension therapy approaches (spoken and written word to picture matching)


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Evidence-Based Naming & Comprehension Therapy for Verbs

  • Over 100 high-quality pictures of people doing a variety of things

  • Custom verb naming test 

  • 3 evidence-based naming therapy activities (Describe, Elaborate, Repeat)

  • 2 evidence-based comprehension activities (Listen, Read)

  • Choose the words you wish to include in the naming test and in practice 

  • Add and delete new users

  • Keep track of user progress by reviewing past results in-app

  • Option to email results 

Verb Toolbox Activities


This activity uses an evidence-based treatment approach called Semantic Feature Analysis. There are 6 questions designed to prompt the user to describe each feature of the action word/verb and ultimately improve their ability to name it. 


This activity involves listening to the target word, and repeating it three times.


This approach helps the user to learn words without struggle.


This activity works on the understanding of verbs at single word level.


The app says a verb and the person has to touch the photo that corresponds to the spoken verb.


This activity is based on a therapy approach called Response Elaboration Therapy. It uses 'Wh' questions (Who, What, Where, Why) to help the person to expand their answers when describing a picture.

"Who is in the picture?"

"What are they doing?"

"Where are they doing it?"

"Why are they doing it?"


Choose the items you wish to include in the custom verb naming test. Practise your chosen verbs and then re-test naming ability to monitor progress.


This activity works on the understanding of verbs at single word level.


The app displays a written verb and the person has to touch the photo that corresponds to the it.


others say about Verb Toolbox

Emma Simmons 


Verb Toolbox is my go-to app my working on verbs and sentence production for my clients with aphasia.  It's also great for clients with aphasia who need to work on their reading and listening comprehension too. The app is easy to use and the pictures are clear and large. I love that you can easily select and deselect the verbs you want to practice. The naming test is also fantastic for getting baseline test scores and repeat testing. 

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