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For Adults & Children

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Articulation Arcade app
Articulation Arcade - Fun-Filled Articul

Articulation Therapy App:
Articulation Arcade

A fun-filled articulation therapy app for toddlers and children with speech sound delay and speech sound disorder. Includes a variety of articulation games and a flashcards activity. 

Inference Pics by Aptus Speech Therapy
Inference Pictures - Making Inferences w

This social inferencing app has over 300 inference pictures. Suitable for children with language delay and autism. Also suitable for adults with social-communication difficulties following brain injury. 

Best Speech Therapy Apps: Keyword Understanding
Following Temporal Directions in Speech

Language Therapy App:
Keyword Understanding

A language therapy app that targets the ability to understand and follow directions of increasing difficulty. Includes listening and reading comprehension therapy activities at sentence level.

Conversation Paceboard Aptus Speech Ther
Dysarthria Exercises_ Conversation Paceb

Speech Pacing App:
Conversation Paceboard

Modern speech pacing board with in-built visual cues, 200+ conversation starter questions. Designed for people with severe dysarthria/slurred or unclear speech due to stroke, brain injury Parkinson's disease or other neurological condition.  

Aphasia Speech Therapy: Naming Toolbox App
Speech Therapy Apps for Stroke Patients_

Aphasia Therapy App:
Naming Toolbox

Naming/word-finding therapy app for people with aphasia. 3 evidence-based word-finding activities. Also includes a custom naming test. 

Turtle Pacing Board for Speech: Turtle Talk App by Aptus Speech Therapy
Turtle Pacing Board: Turtle Talk by Aptus Speech Therapy

Articulation Therapy App:
Turtle Pacing Board

Fun speech pacing board for children with fast and unclear speech. Includes in-built visual cues, 200+ conversation starter questions.

Empathy Pics by Aptus Speech Therapy
Empathy Pics - Speech Therapy Apps for A

This social inferencing app has real-life pictures and scenarios chosen to develop understanding of emotions and empathy. Suitable for older children with autism and brain injury. Also suitable for adults with social-communication difficulties due to autism or brain injury. 

Speech Pacing Activities: Speech Pacesetter App
Speech Pacesetter - Speech Pacing Therap

Speech Pacing App:
Speech Pacesetter

Speech pacing therapy for people with dysarthria. Read aloud texts from the in-built library of poems stories and tongue twisters or your own favourite, pasted texts at an adjustable rate. 

Aphasia Treatment Activities: Comprehension Toolbox App
Aphasia Treatment Activities_ Comprehens

Aphasia Therapy App:
Comprehension Toolbox

Single word listening and reading comprehension therapy app, for people with aphasia. Includes three comprehension therapy activities and 2000+ picture stimuli. 

Verb Toolbox Aptus Speech Therapy
Aphasia Treatment Activities_Verb Toolbo

Verb naming and comprehension therapy for people with aphasia. 5 evidence-based naming therapy approaches. Also includes a custom verb naming test.

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