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  • Inference Pics by Aptus Speech Therapy
    Social Inferencing Activities: Inference Pics Apps

    Inference Pics

    Interesting stimuli to prompt social inferencing and improve verbal expression. 

  • Empathy Pics by Aptus Speech Therapy
    Speech Therapy Apps for Autism: Empathy Pics

    Empathy Pics

    Interesting pictures and scenarios to develop understanding of emotions and the ability to understand others' perspectives. 

  • Speech Pacing Activities: Speech Pacesetter App
    Dysarthria Treatment Tools: Speech Pacesetter App

    Speech Pacesetter

    Pacing therapy for people with dysarthria. Read aloud texts from the in-built library of poems stories and tongue twisters or your own favourite, pasted texts at an adjustable rate. 

  • Conversation Paceboard Aptus Speech Ther
    Pacing Board for Speech: Conversation Paceboard by Aptus Speech T

    Conversation Paceboard

    Modern pacing board with in-built visual cues, 200+ conversation starter questions. Designed for people with severe dysarthria/slurred or unclear speech. 

  • Aphasia Treatment Activities: Comprehension Toolbox App
    Aphasia Treatment Activities: Comprehension Toolbox by Aptus Speech Th

    Comprehension Toolbox

    Single word listening and reading comprehension, for people with aphasia. 3 comprehension therapy activities. 2000+ picture stimuli. 

  • Aphasia Speech Therapy: Naming Toolbox App
    Aphasia Treatment Activities: Naming Toolbox by Aptus Speech Therapy

    Naming Toolbox

    Naming therapy for people with aphasia. 3 evidence-based word-finding activities. Also includes a custom naming test. 

  • Verb Toolbox Aptus Speech Therapy
    Verb Toolbox by Aptus Speech Therapy

    Verb Toolbox

    Verb naming and comprehension for people with aphasia. 5 evidence-based naming therapy approaches. Also includes a custom verb naming test.

  • Best Speech Therapy Apps: Keyword Understanding
    Keyword Understanding by Aptus SLT.png

    Keyword Understanding

    Following directions of increasing difficulty, listening and reading comprehension at sentence level

  • Turtle Pacing Board for Speech: Turtle Talk App by Aptus Speech Therapy
    Turtle Pacing Board: Turtle Talk by Aptus Speech Therapy

    Turtle Talk

    Fun pacing board for children with in-built visual cue, 200+ conversation starter questions.


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