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buy an app bundle?

On iPhone/iPad, app bundles make it easy for you to buy more than one of our apps in a single discounted purchase. 

We currently have two app bundles:


  • Aptus Speech Pacing Collection: Purchase Speech Pacesetter and Conversation Paceboard together for a 25% discount

  • Aptus Social Inferencing Collection: Purchase Inference Pics and Empathy Pics together for a 25% discount 

Our Paid app bundles support Complete My Bundle, which credits you for any apps you've already purchased within a bundle. You only pay the balance for the remaining apps.

App bundles are not currently available on Android devices. 


our current app bundles

  • Speech Pacing Bundle.png

    Aptus Speech Pacing


    Speech Pacing: Aptus Speech Therapy App Bundles

    This app bundle includes two apps for speech pacing therapy at a discounted price: Speech Pacesetter and Conversation Paceboard. 

  • Aptus Social Skill icons.jpg.png

    Aptus Social Inferencing Collection

    Social Inferencing Activities: Aptus Speech Therapy App Bundles

    This app includes two apps that target the ability to make social inferences at a discounted price: Inference Pics and Empathy Pics. 

Empathy Pics home screen.PNG
Speech Pacesetter by Aptus Speech Therap


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