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The Pacing Board With A Modern Twist

Conversation Paceboard is designed to help individuals with imprecise articulation and a fast speaking rate to pace their speech and improve their intelligibility in conversation. It consists of a pacing board made of 6 circles and 200+ optional conversation questions.

Unlike traditional pacing boards, Conversation Paceboard offers the user additional visual cues and feedback to help them to pace their speech. Each circle gradually changes colour when pressed. The speed at which each circle changes colour can be adjusted. When a circle has fully filled with colour it wobbles. It also vibrates (on iPhone) to give the user more feedback. 


Conversation Paceboard has in-built conversation questions.  This enables users to practise slowing their rate of speech in natural conversations. 


  •  Choose a conversation topic

  • Answer the conversation starter question

  • Say one word or syllable per circle

  • Wait for the circ le to fill with colour before pressing the next circle and saying the next syllable or word

  • Adjust the speed at which the circles fill with colour using the slider bar

Watch Conversation Paceboard in Action

Pacing Therapy Tips

  • Build self-awareness and give bio-feedback by recording the person speaking without pacing and then record them speaking when using the app

  • Give a continuous model by also using Conversation Paceboard as you talk

  • Keep conversation natural by asking additional questions and making comments

  • Train family members to take on therapist’s role at home


The Story Behind Conversation Paceboard


Hi, I'm Lorraine. I am a Speech and Language Therapist and the founder of Aptus Speech Therapy. I designed Conversation Paceboard. My inspiration for the app came from my clinical experience of working with adults with dysarthria due to neurological conditions including Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease. Dysarthria is a speech disorder that is characterised by poor articulation, respiration, and/or phonation. 


For many people with dysarthria, slowing their rate of speech helps improve speech clarity and intelligibility. Traditionally, speech therapists have used paper-based pacing boards to help the person to slow their rate of speech. A pacing board typically consists of 3-6 circles and the person is prompted to touch a circle each time they say a word. 

I used to use paper-based pacing boards to help adults with dysarthria to speak more clearly. However, I found that they were often not effective. This was because the person using a pacing board would often begin to tap the circles at a fast rate and then their speech would get faster too. I wondered if it would be possible to make a pacing board app that would give the user additional visual cues to help them to slow their rate of speech correctly. Conversation Paceboard was born ... 

What Others Say About Conversation Paceboard

I am still in love with the Conversation Paceboard ... it is fantastic for helping with slowing rate of speech to help children with overall intellgibility issues. I have found it helpful for “straight” articulation as well because it allows children to slow down and focus on production of their target sounds.

By Dan Fitch, CCC-SLP, Its All Language 

I have used this app with several patients who have dysarthria and it works so great to help them improve their speech intelligibility. I also like the conversation starters and the ability to set the speed so that you can be faster or slower if needed. The visual feedback of seeing the “too quick” message really gives the patient feedback about their performance. Thank you for this app! It has helped many people communicate effectively.

By Anonymous on iTunes AppStore

I have found the Conversation Paceboard to be quite helpful in teaching a slower rate of speech and better clarity. My clients seem to enjoy this app as it gives immediate feedback when they speed up (Too Quick). As well they seem to find it more fun and modern than a traditional pacing board. Well done!

By Bonnie Bereskin, M. Ed.

I used this during high school speech and language therapy today for the first time and I was blown away by the progress my students exhibited using this tool.

By SLMP on iTunes AppStore

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