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Conversation Paceboard by Aptus Speech T

Conversation Paceboard

Speech Pacing Therapy

Pacing Board App for Speech: Conversation Paceboard App

Conversation Paceboard

Help slow rate of speech and improve speech clarity with this modern pacing board with visual cues.


Get conversations started with over 200 conversation starter questions.

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Dysathria Exercises: Pacing Board for Speech

The Pacing Board With A Modern Twist

Conversation Paceboard is a modern pacing board for speech.  It is designed to help individuals with dysarthria / unclear or slurred articulation and a fast speaking rate to pace their speech and improve their intelligibility in conversation. It consists of a pacing board made of 6 circles and 200+ optional conversation questions.

Unlike traditional pacing boards, Conversation Paceboard offers the user additional visual cues and feedback to help them to pace their speech. This effective pacing board for speech makes it possible to practise speech pacing in clinic and independently at home. 


to use Conversation Paceboard

  • Choose a conversation topic

  • Answer the conversation starter question

  • Say one word or syllable per circle

  • Wait for the circle to fill with colour before pressing the next circle and saying the next syllable or word

  • Adjust the speed at which the circles in the pacing board fill with colour using the slider bar