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Empathy Skills contains over 100 high-quality photos, depicting real-life scenarios. Each scenario has been carefully chosen to help the user become more aware of the feelings of others.  

​Empathy Pics is ideal for older children and teenagers with autism, developmental disabilities as well as adults with brain injury and cognitive-communication difficulties.

  • Target expressive language and the ability to understand the perspective of others

  • Improve ability to understand emotions and body language

  • Develop understanding of what to say in a a variety of social situations e.g. how to respond to good or bad news

  • User profiles allow for individual user scoring

  • Available on the AppStore and Google Play Store

How to Use Empathy Pics

Verbal explanations are essential when teaching social awareness and understanding. Therefore, the questions in Empathy Pics are designed as thinking prompts that encourage interaction between the user and the therapist, teacher or family member. 

Activity 1: Emotions & Situations

  • Question 1: Describe what you see in the picture

  • Question 2: Identify how the other person is feeling

  • Question 3: Discuss how you would feel in the same situation

  • Question 4: Discuss what you would do in the same situation

  • Question 5: Discuss a similar situation that has happened to you

Ask the child or adult each of the 5 questions. Support them to find the clues in the picture e.g. body language, facial expression. Encourage them to talk about how they would feel and help them to learn that others may feel differently. 

Activity 2: Showing Concern


Choose a scenario. Ask the child or adult what they might say to the other person to show interest or concern. Multiple choice answers are available. Verbally explain why some responses are more appropriate than others.

The Story Behind Empathy Pics





Many older children and adults with social communication difficulties can find it hard to express how they feel. They might also assume that others feel the same as they do in different situations. They need support to understand and to recognise the emotions of others. They also need support to understand that others can have a different perspective to them. These difficulties frequently result in not knowing what to say or how to respond in different social situations. 

We wanted to make an interactive resource that would foster better social awareness and improve the ability to see things from another person's point of view. This is what led us to develop Empathy Pics. 


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