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Speech Therapy Apps: Articulation Arcade app by Aptus Speech

Articulation Arcade

Speech Therapy for Children

Articulation Arcade app

Articulation Arcade

Help children with speech sound delay or disorder to learn to produce their sounds correctly in words, phrases and sentences. Articulation therapy has never been so fun and engaging!

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See Articulation Arcade in Action

Articulation therapy for parents, SLPs and teachers

Introducing Articulation Arcade, an effective and engaging articulation therapy tool for parents, SLPs, and teachers. Developed by a certified speech and language therapist, our app is specifically designed to help children with speech sound delay or disorder learn to say speech sounds correctly and speak more clearly.

With a range of interactive games and activities, Articulation Arcade makes therapy fun and engaging for children. Simply click on each picture below to learn more about each game and see how our app can support speech development. Give the gift of clear and confident communication with Articulation Arcade.

Try the LITE version for FREE!

Articulation Arcade Lite is the FREE sample version of Articulation Arcade. 

The app includes the B sound in initial, medial and final position. It allows you to try out each of the five articulation games and the Flashcards activity. 

The full version of Articulation Arcade includes an additional 21 speech sounds and consonant blends (R, L and S)


Articulation Games & Flashcards

Articulation Arcade is a comprehensive speech therapy app for children that offers an articulation therapy program at the word, phrase, and sentence levels. Our app includes a flashcards activity and 5 engaging and interactive articulation games that make therapy fun and effective for children.

The articulation games are designed to help children practice their sounds in a variety of contexts, from simple words to more complex sentences. Plus, our games provide the option for children to self-record their speech, so they can track their progress and stay motivated.

Whether you're a speech therapist looking for a new tool to add to your therapy plans, or a parent looking for a way to support your child's speech development at home, Articulation Arcade is an effective and engaging solution. Try it out today for free and see the difference it can make.

Four in a Row

Four in a Row articulation game in Artic
  • Drop a counter to land on a picture

  • Get three or four counters in a row to win​

  • Play with a parent, therapist or teacher 

  • Word, phrase and/or sentence level practice of target sound


Best Articulation Games - Bingo in Artic
  • Play Word Bingo

  • Listen out for the target word

  • Stamp the card or colour it in

  • Word, Phrase or Sentence Level practice


Scratchcard articulation game - Articula
  • Scratch the card to reveal the flashcard behind it

  • Try to guess the word as you scratch

  • Word, phrase and/or sentence level practice of target sound


Matching articulation game - Articulatio
  • Press two cards to turn them over

  • Find all the matching pairs

  • Score when a matching pair has been found

  • Word, phrase and/or sentence level practice of target sound

Spin the Wheel

Spin the Wheel articulation game - Artic
  • Spin the wheel and land on a picture

  • Practice target sounds at Word, Phrase and/or Sentence level 



Flashcards - Articulation Arcade app by
  • Over 1400 flashcards in all sounds

  • Beautiful, high-quality, real life photos

  • Approximately 60 target words for each sound, except R, L, S which also have consonant blends and additional sound subcategories

  • Word, phrase and sentence level practice


others say about Articulation Arcade

Marijke Morris, Chair of Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists

Articulation Arcade has been a fun and engaging asset to use in my speech and language therapy sessions with clients online. It has also been a lifesaver to have the data from the practice to add to my case notes. I love the fact that I can choose multiple targets to practice in various word positions and it easily moves from single words, to phrases, to sentences.

The children love the variety of games and get excited about playing the games. They love working for their star rewards, which means that they try really hard to say their target sounds correctly. I can highly recommend the app to other speech and language therapists/pathologists working with children with speech sound disorders.

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