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Speech Pacesetter

Speech Pacing Therapy

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Speech Pacesetter

Help people with dysarthria to slow down rate of speech and improve speech clarity with the help of speed-adjustable visual cues.

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Speech Pacing Therapy with Visual & Sound Cues

  • Designed specifically for people who have dysarthria due to Stroke, Brain injury, acquired stuttering, Parkinson’s Disease or other neurological condition

  • Allows the person with dysarthria to choose a text and slow down their rate of speech with the help of a speed-adjustable visual cue

  • The person with dysarthria may choose to have the visual cue for each syllable or each word and reads the syllable or word aloud as the visual cue appears

  • A metronome sound cue may also be added 

Dysarthria Treatment Exercises: A Variety of Reading Materials

  • Speech Pacesetter includes a variety of reading texts for dysarthria treatment

  • It includes a selection of in-built phonemically-balanced reading passages, classic poems, stories and tongue twisters for lots of speech pacing practice 

  • It also allows you to add and save your own reading texts so you can personalise your speech pacing practice 


to use Speech Pacesetter

  • Choose a reading passage

  • Select a visual cue for each syllable or each word 

  • Read the text aloud in unison with the visual cue

  • Adjust the speed of the visual cue

  • Choose an additional metronome sound cue if you wish

  • Add your own custom reading passages 

Speech Pacesetter by Aptus Speech Therap


others say about Speech Pacesetter

Mike Richards

Clinical Lead Speech & Language Therapist, Bristol, UK

This affordable app brings a novel way of carrying out pacing therapy for adult speech and language therapists." 

Carla C

CCC-SLP, iSpeak app blog

"We love the app, and in all its simplicity, it is designed to make reading passages easier to read by a metronome along with visual cues." 

Kathy Cann

Clinical Lead Speech & Language Therapist, Durham & Darlington, UK

Speech Pacesetter helps practice slowing down speech rate whilst reading out loud. I really like Speech Pacesetter. It is easy to use and produces good outcomes for service users. I would definitely recommend it as a tool for your speech and language kit.


blog post

Find out more about speech pacing in dysarthria treatment and what inspired the making of Speech Pacesetter by reading the story behind the app. 

Speech Pacing : The Speech Pacesetter St
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