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Minimal Pairs Arcade

Speech Therapy for Children


Minimal Pairs Arcade

Minimal Pairs Arcade is a fun, innovative speech therapy app for kids. Designed specifically to help children with phonological delay or disorder to learn to produce their sounds correctly. Minimal pairs therapy has never been so fun and engaging!

Available To Download Now
Minimal Pairs Arcade - Comprehensive Minimal Pairs Therapy

Minimal Pairs Therapy for parents, SLPs and teachers

Introducing Minimal Pairs Arcade, an effective and engaging speech therapy tool for parents, SLPs, and teachers. Developed by a certified speech and language therapist, our speech therapy app is specifically designed to help children with phonological delay and disorder to say speech sounds correctly and speak more clearly.

With a range of interactive games, Minimal Pairs Arcade makes speech therapy for children fun and engaging. This innovative speech therapy app covers each step of the Minimal Pairs Therapy approach. Give the gift of clear and confident communication with Minimal Pairs Arcade.

Try the LITE version for FREE!

Minimal Pairs Arcade Lite is a free speech therapy app. It is the FREE sample version ofMinimal Pairs Arcade.

The app offers access to the Fronting category with the minimal pairs t/k, g/d, sh/s. It allows you to try out each of the five games and the Flashcards activity with the minimal pairs from the Fronting category. 

The full version of Minimal Pairs Arcade includes all 12 categories.

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Speech Therapy Games & Flashcards

Minimal Pairs Arcade is a comprehensive speech therapy app for children that covers each step of the minimal pairs therapy approach. Our app includes a flashcards activity and 5 engaging and interactive games that make therapy fun and effective for children.

The speech therapy games are designed to help children practice the minimal pair words while having fun. Plus, our games provide the option for children to self-record their speech, so they can track their progress and stay motivated.

Whether you're a speech therapist looking for a new tool to add to your therapy plans, or a parent looking for a way to support your child's speech development at home, Minimal Pairs Arcade is an effective and engaging solution. Try it out today for free and see the difference it can make.


Minimal Pairs Arcade - Flashcards.png
  • Beautiful, high-quality, real life photos

  • Easily toggle between both minimal pair words 

  • Familiarise the child with word meanings 

  • Word and sentence level practice

  • Keep track of correct and incorrect productions

Feed the Tiger

Minimal Pairs Arcade - Feed the Tiger
  • Quick check of auditory discrimination with 1 trial per word pair

  • Auditory discrimination training with more trials of each word pair

  • Listen to the target word and feed the correct picture to the tiger

  • Enjoy the fun animations

Coin Drop

Minimal Pairs Arcade - Coin Drop
  • Drop the ball

  • Say the word that it lands on 

  • Practise the target word only or both minimal pair words

  • Easily score correct and incorrect productions

Balloon Pop

Minimal Pairs Arcade - Balloon Pop
  • Auditory discrimination/listening game

  • Listen to the target word and pop the correct picture 

  • Easily carry out a quick check of auditory discrimination skills 

  • Increase number of trials for auditory discrimination training

  • Results are automatically tallied

Four in a Row

Minimal Pairs Arcade - Four in a Row
  • Drop a counter to land on a picture

  • Get three or four counters in a row to win​

  • Play with a parent, therapist or teacher 

  • Practise the target word only or both minimal pair words

  • Easily score correct and incorrect productions

Stamp & Say

Minimal Pairs Arcade - Stamp and Say.png
  • Stamp the picture and say the word 

  • Practise saying target words only or both minimal pair words 

  • Easily score correct and incorrect productions 

others say about Minimal Pairs Arcade

Minimal Pairs Arcade Lite brings the evidence-based minimal pairs therapy approach into a fun and engaging app. With a wide choice of activities to keep children interested and engaged, this app is a welcome addition to the excellent range offered by Aptus. The Lite version allows you to trial all the activities - I highly recommend the full version which offers all speech sounds for a one-off purchase (no ads or subscriptions).

As an SLT, I recommend this app to all my clients and constantly receive positive feedback from parents that speech homework is much easier to complete with the fun and interactive activities. (App Store review)

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