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Inference Pics

Making Social Inferences

Inference Pics: Social Inferencing Activities

Inference Pics

Help children and teens to make social inferences by improving their the ability to interpret social cues and contextual information 

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Social Inferencing Activities: Inference Pics by Aptus Speech Therapy

Social Inferencing with Pictures

  •  Target the ability to make social inferences with a variety of stimuli  

  • Improve the ability to understand emotions and interpret body language and facial expressions

  • Open-ended questions with multiple choice options

  • User profiles allow for individual user scoring   

Seven Social Inferencing Activities

​Inference Pics has 300+ engaging, real-life inference pictures and seven social inferencing activities: What has happened?, Jobs, Places, Seasons, Feelings, Thoughts, Conversations.


to use Inference Pics

Each inference activity has two questions. The first question asks the user to make an inference e.g. What has happened? How are they feeling? etc. The second question in each activity is “How do you know?”.


This is to promote verbal expression and the person’s ability to find the clues in the picture (e.g. body language, facial expression) and make an appropriate social inference.​​​

Social Inferencing with Pictures: Speech Therapy Apps for Autism
  • Choose one of the seven categories in Inference Pics

  • Ask the child or adult the question displayed on top or play the question

  • Display the multiple choice options if they have difficulty answering

  • Support the person to find the clues in the picture e.g. body language, facial expression and to make an appropriate inference

  • Help the person to form well-shaped answers


others say about Inference Pics

Hannah O'Driscoll

CCC-SLP,  Early Language Years

A wonderful, user-friendly app that I’ve used with many of my clients to work on expressive language and inferencing skills. With multiple sections, this app can be incorporated into so many sessions, and the client will be challenged with new stimuli every time!

Carissa Speelman

CCC-SLP, Home Sweet Speech

Room blog

Inference Pics is designed to target inferencing skills, a very important life skill.  Many of my clients have goals for inferencing, so this app is great for my caseload... 

Dan Fitch

CCC-SLP, Its All Language blog

When working with older students or adults, Inference Pics is a fantastic solution that offers flexibility and ease of use....While there are many options for apps out there, this one stands out to help clients with important inferencing skills.

Elizabeth Gunner

SLT, Speech Blog UK

I was impressed with the app.  I love the real photos, the range of sections and scenarios.  I think the price is great and I would happily recommend this app. 


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