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Keyword Understanding

Sentence Level Comprehension Therapy

Language Therapy: Keyword Understanding App

Keyword Understanding 

Improve listening and reading comprehension skills while working on attention to detail, auditory processing and working memory. 

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Keyword Understanding App - Following Directions in Speech Therapy

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Keyword Understanding is a comprehension app suitable for:

  • children with developmental language delay or disorder who need to work on vocabulary, the understanding of basic concepts and the ability to understand and follow directions of increasing keyword length

  • children with autism and auditory processing or comprehension difficulties 

  • adults with aphasia and comprehension difficulties following stroke or traumatic brain injury

  • adults with cognitive-communication difficulties after stroke or brain injury

Following Directions in Speech Therapy

  • Target auditory processing, auditory comprehension (listening), reading comprehension, attention to detail, and working memory (holding information)

  • Improve the ability to follow directions of increasing keyword/information-carrying word length

  • Develop the understanding of adjectives (size, colour)

  • Boost the ability to follow temporal directions (that include the concepts 'before and after') and sequential directions (that include the concepts 'first and then') 

Keyword Understanding -comprehension therapy activities

Comprehension Check : Vocabulary, Sizes & Colours

Language Therapy & Assessment of Compreh

Check understanding of vocabulary and the concepts of size and colour in Comprehension Check.

Select the vocabulary items, sizes (small, big) and colours you wish to include in Settings. 

Temporal Directions : Before & After 

Following Temporal Directions in Speech

Work on the concepts of Before/After in a variety of position in a sentence e.g.

  • Start of sentence: Before you touch the hat, touch the car

  • Middle of sentence: Touch the hat before you touch the car

Following Directions: Object, Size & Color