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Comprehension Toolbox

Comprehension Therapy for Aphasia

Comprehension Toolbox

Word-level reading & listening comprehension therapy for people with aphasia

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See Comprehension Therapy in Action

Comprehension Toolbox works on the ability to understand and read single words. It is designed specifically for people with aphasia.

Evidence-Based Comprehension Therapy

  • Based on evidence-based comprehension therapy approaches 

  • 3 representations of each target word

  • Over 2000 high-quality pictures of items 

  • Choose the words you wish to include in the naming test and in practice 

  • Add and delete new users

  • Keep track of user progress by reviewing past results in-app

  • Option to email results

Three Comprehension Activities

  • Training

    Hear and/or see 2 examples of the target word, then match the word to the correct picture (choice of 3) 

  • Photo Shuffle

    Match the spoken and/or written words to the pictures in the picture set (field size of 2-6 pictures)

  • Word Match

    Match the picture on the left to the correct spoken and/or written word on the right (choice of 3)


others say about Comprehension Toolbox

Jane Peters


Comprehension Toolbox offers speech therapists a "go-to" tool when working patients with aphasia, and comprehension difficulties. The pictures are clear, easy to see, and high-quality. It offers three levels of difficulty (i.e., easy, medium, hard), as well as, options to adjust field size in order to make the task easier or harder. The app also allows you to set the number of trials in a task and it tallies the score for you. Another bonus is the data collected from the task can easily be saved under the user's profile or emailed at a later date, allowing easy tracking of progress. I also love that you can easily select and deselect the vocabulary you wish you include and the categories they come from. Great job! Looking forward to your next app for aphasia!


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