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Best Speech Therapy Apps for Children &

Adults & Children

Speech Therapy Apps?


At Aptus Speech Therapy, we offer innovative speech therapy tools to help children and adults improve their communication skills. Our apps are designed to help children with speech sound difficulties, language delay, autism and social communication difficulties, as well as adults with acquired speech or language problems due to stroke, brain injury, or neurological conditions. We believe in the fundamental right to communicate, and are dedicated to supporting individuals and their families on their speech therapy journey. Try our speech therapy apps today and take the first step towards better communication.


are they for?

Our speech therapy apps are for:

  • Speech Language Professionals who work with children or adults

  • Parents who wish to help improve their child’s speech or language

  • Adults with speech or language difficulties due to stroke, brain injury or a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s

  • Spouses and other family members who wish to help their loved one speed up their recovery 

Speech Therapy Apps for Children


"I wish to help my child"

Giving you the right tools

to help your child’s speech and language 

Speech Therapy Apps for Adults


"I wish to help myself or a loved one"

Helping you or your loved one on a journey to better communication

Speech Therapist Apps


"I wish to have better outcomes for my clients"

Making your working

life easier and more efficient 



some of our apps

Articulation Arcade app
Articulation Arcade app by Aptus Speech Therapy

Articulation Arcade

Looking for an effective and engaging way to support your child's articulation therapy? Look no further than our comprehensive articulation therapy app for toddlers and children with speech sound delay and speech sound disorder. With five fun-filled articulation games and a flashcards activity, our app is the perfect tool to support children on their speech therapy journey. 

Inference App for Speech Therapy - Inference Photos
Inference Pictures - Making Inferences with Pictures in Inference Pics App

Inference Pics

Introducing our engaging and interactive inference app. With over 300 inference pictures, our app is ideal for improving your students' inferencing abilities. The app features engaging activities with inference prompts and optional multiple choice options to help students master the skills they need. Try it today and watch your students' social inferencing skills improve. 



by our customers

Our apps are used in schools, hospitals and speech and language therapy clinics all over the world. Find out more about what our customers say about our speech therapy apps


I used this during high school speech and language therapy today for the first time and I was blown away by the progress my students exhibited using this tool.

By SLMP on Conversation Paceboard

I’ve tried this app with several children on my caseload and I have to admit that having fun and concrete visuals have helped my clients significantly.

By Smart Speech Therapy LLC on Turtle Pacing Board 

This affordable app brings a novel way of carrying out pacing therapy for adult speech and language therapists.


By Mike Richards, Speech Language Solutions blog on Speech Pacesetter

Inference Pictures: Using Inference Pics
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