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Speech Therapy apps for children

Giving You the Right Tools to Help Your Child’s Communication

Every parent wants the best for their child. When a child has speech, language or social communication difficulties, it can be very hard for them and for their parents.  Speech therapy is important but practice at home between sessions is also key. 

When you use Aptus Speech Therapy apps, you’ll be confident that you have reliable, engaging and motivating tools to help your child get the additional practice they need at home.


the right app for you

Our current range of speech and language therapy apps include:

  • apps for children with autism and social communication difficulties 

  • apps for children with a language delay or disorder 

  • apps for children with unclear speech and a fast speaking rate 

We make speech therapy apps to help children improve their speech and language skills in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

Social Inferencing Activities: Inference Pics

Inference Pics

Pictures of real-life situations are ideal for working on inferencing skills. Inference Pics includes over 300 real-life inference pictures depicting events, conversations, thoughts, feelings, jobs, places and seasons.

Pacing Board for Speech: Turtle Talk
Turtle Talk 6.png

Turtle Talk

Fun pacing board with visual cues to help children with imprecise articulation and a fast rate of speech to pace their speech and improve their intelligibility in conversation. 

Speech Therapy Apps for Autism: Empathy Pics
Social Inferencing Activities: Empathy Pics

Empathy Pics

Empathy Skills contains over 100 high-quality photos, depicting real-life inference scenarios. Each scenario has been carefully chosen to help the user become more aware of the feelings of others.

Following Directions in Speech Therapy: Keyword Understanding by
Concepts & Directions in Speech Therapy:

Keyword Understanding

Language therapy: following directions, listening and reading comprehension at sentence level. Targets the concepts of size, colour, before/after, first/then. 


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If you are a parent who would like to help your child with their speech, language or social communication, check out some of our blog posts below. 

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