It's that time of year again ... the ASHA Convention is here. This year ASHA is taking place in Washington D.C. For the first time, the ASHA Convention is a hybrid event with a live event and the addition of online talks. 


Unfortunately, you won't be able to visit us at an exhibitor booth at ASHA this year but our November sale is still going ahead :) 

All of our apps are on sale from November 18th until November 25th. We've listed the regular prices and the sales prices (in US dollars) below. The prices are the same in UK pounds.  Discounted sale prices are listed in pink. Regular app prices are listed in black. Click on the app titles to find out more about each app.

Sale Starts November 18th!

Reg Price                       Sale Price

Articulation Arcade app
Inference Pics app.png
Empathy Pics by Aptus Speech Therapy.jpg
Keyword Understanding by Aptus Speech Th

 $45.99                    $34.99 

 $14.99                    $11.99 

 $9.99                      $7.99 

 $14.99                    $11.99 

 $3.99                      $2.99 

 $6.99                      $4.99 

 $17.99                    $13.99 

 $9.99                      $7.99 

FREE with in-app purchases

 $14.99                      $11.99 

 $9.99                      $7.99 

Save even more money on discounted app bundles

Speech Pacing Bundle.png

 $19.99                    $16.99 

Aptus Social Skill icons.jpg.png

 $16.99                    $14.99