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Naming Toolbox

Word-Finding Therapy for Aphasia


Naming Toolbox

Word-finding therapy for people with aphasia due to Stroke or Brain Injury

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Word-finding difficulties are common in aphasia. Knowing what you want to say but not being able to retrieve the right words can be very frustrating. 


Naming Toolbox includes 3 evidence-based word-finding therapy approaches (semantic feature analysis, errorless learning (listen & repeat), and naming from description) as well as a customisable naming test.

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Evidence-Based Naming Therapy

  • Over 500 high-quality pictures stimuli

  • Practise with three different evidence-based naming activities

  • Select the words you wish to include in the naming test and in practice 

  • Add and delete new users

  • Keep track of user progress by reviewing past results in-app

  • Option to email results

Three Word-finding Activities



The user is asked to describe each feature of a target word by answering a set of questions. The questions are as follows:

  • Category: What type of thing is it?​

  • Appearance: What does it look like?

  • Function: What do you do with it?

  • Location: Where do you find it?



This activity involves listening to the target word, tapping it out and repeating it three times. This approach helps the user to learn words without struggle. 



This activity involves naming from description. The pictures are hidden. The person has 5 clues to help them to name each item. The clues are displayed as written sentences that can be read aloud by the app. Press the Reveal to show the hidden item.


others say about Naming Toolbox

Anna Thompson


I have used Naming Toolbox with several patients who have aphasia and word-finding difficulties 

It works great and I've definitely noted improvements in naming. I love the Guess activity and my clients have a lot of fun using it in our stroke communication group.  I also like the Describe activity - semantic feature analysis is something I work on a lot! The custom test is a really helpful way to informally assess word-finding and it also allows me measure progress by doing it again after a block of therapy. Thank you for this app! It has helped many people with aphasia improve their word-finding and practice useful strategies such as talking around words in conversation

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