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Best Books for Practicing the K Sound: A Speech Therapy Guide

Updated: Apr 24

Aptus Speech Therapy - books for the K sound
Reading books rich in the K sound to boost speech development

If your little one is not yet saying the K sound or they are working on it in speech therapy sessions,  incorporating books with plenty of "K" words into their reading routine can give them more exposure to the sound and aid their progress.

When reading a word that contains the K sound, you can emphasise the sound a little. Try not to ask your child to repeat the words as this may take away from the reading experience and make them feel tested. When your child knows a story well, you could pause before a K word and see if your child says it spontaneously. If they don't no worries, simply say it for them and keep reading.

Books for the K Sound - Speech Therapy

The following books are some of our favourites when we are working on the K sound in speech therapy because they have simple text and the K sound in various positions in words (at the start, in the middle and at the end).

Books for the K sound - Oi Cat
Oi Cat: fabulous for phonological awareness and the K sound

Oi Cat!

"Oi Cat" is a fun book where a cat learns new rules for where animals can sit. With the help of Frog and Dog, Cat finds a funny solution. It's all about learning, solving problems, and having fun with words!

This book is just jam-packed with rhyming words so it is wonderful for phonological awareness. It also has many words that contain the K sound making it a great choice, if you are working on it in speech therapy.

K initial position: cat 13 times, keep (twice), cats, could (3 times), kitty, colourful, cog (4 times) , cogs,

K medial position: asked, macaroni (twice), talking, alpaca, sparkly,

K final position: luck, chick (twice), brick, duck (twice), truck, mink, sink, lark, shark,

How Kind by Mary Murphy

speech therapy books for the K sound - How Kind
How Kind: A favourite book for the K sound

"How Kind" by Mary Murphy is a heartwarming children's book filled with cute animal characters. Through simple illustrations and text, it shows how little acts of kindness can mean a lot. It's a sweet reminder for kids about the power of compassion and empathy.

This book has many words that contain the K sound. The word "kind" is repeated 17 times!! This makes it an excellent choice if you are working on the K sound in speech therapy.

K initial position: kind (17 times!), kept, carrot, cow (4 times), can, cat (5 times)

K medial position: picked, looked

K final position: milk, stick, back (twice), crack, chick (3 times)

Cat's Cookbook by Julia Donaldson

books for the K sound in speech therapy - Cat's Cookbook
Cat's Cookbook: A favourite from the Tales from Acorn Wood series

"Cat's Cookbook" is a charming lift-the-flap story from the "Tales from Acorn Wood" series by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Join Cat on her culinary adventure as she searches for a cookbook at Acorn Library. Lift the flaps to discover if Cat succeeds. With sturdy flaps and delightful rhymes, this book is perfect for young readers.

This book is also a lovely choice if your focus in speech therapy is the K sound as it has a nice variety of words that contain /k/ in different word positions.

K initial position: cat (4 times) , cook, could (twice), cover, can, cooked

K medial position: acorn, works, cooked, macaroni, second

K final position: book (5 times), look

Have you tried any of these books with your child? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Remember, every small step counts on the journey to mastering speech sounds. Keep reading, exploring, and enjoying the process together.



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