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Be The Best Therapist You Can Be

SLP podcasts are wonderful for continued learning

Thanks to the Internet, there are now so many great ways that we, as speech-language pathologists/speech and language therapists can learn from one another, share and connect.  As our professional field evolves, we have to keep up. Staying up-to-date will enable you to be a better therapist for your patients.

In this blog post, we list some of our favourite SLP podcasts. Listening to podcasts is an easy and fun way to develop your professional knowledge and connect with others.

What is a Podcast?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with podcasts, let us explain.  A podcast is usually an audio file that a person creates and then makes available to download on the Internet. Podcasts are usually topic-specific and can be both entertaining and educational. The podcasts listed below can be downloaded on iTunes and/or on Google Play.

ASHA Podcast Series

ASHA Podcast Series

The ASHA podcast series covers a range of important topics in the field. Every three or four weeks, they feature a new interview with a person that is making news in the Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology field. You can listen to individual episodes or subscribe to the feed and automatically receive new files.

Conversations in Speech Pathology

Join speech-language pathologist Jeff Stepen as he interviews a variety of speech pathologists/therapists, parents, and other individuals about topics related to the practice of speech pathology.


This podcast has over 600 episodes on stuttering. It is a fantastic resource for any SLP/SLT with an interest in stuttering.

Stuttering is Cool

Stuttering is Cool is a podcast produced and hosted by Daniele Rossi who has stuttered since he was a child. He has never let his stutter hold him back. In fact, that the mission of his podcast is to encourage his fellow stutterers not to be held back either.

Swallow Your Pride

If your heart lies with dysphagia, this weekly podcast is for you. Hosted by Theresa Richard M.A, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, the Swallow Your Pride Podcast takes on many controversial topics in the field of swallowing disorders. It aims to provide information on the most recent evidence-based treatment strategies, and create a community of dysphagia clinicians who want to share their insights and information. 

Down the Hatch

Down the Hatch is an unscripted podcast focused on hot dysphagia topics from around the world. Speech Pathologists Ianessa Humbert, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Alicia Vose, M.A., CCC-SLP (Ph.D. student) speak about controversial topics in the field of dysphagia management. This really is a must-listen for clinicians with an interest in swallowing disorders.

Top Tips for the Busy Clinician 

Clinicians are usually very busy at work and when they get home they understandably may not be in the mood for professional learning. However, professional development is essential and some great learning can be done en route to work or during work hours.

Do you have a commute to work? Listening to SLP podcasts on your journey can be an efficient use of your time.If you don’t already carry out in-service training at work, suggest listening to a podcast together as a team and then discussing it.

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