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Enhance the Voice on your iPhone or iPad

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Did you know that Apple provide many different voices on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad)? Most people don't realise this and only use the default voice. There are in fact male and female options and regional accents (US, UK, Australia, Ireland, India, South Africa).

The automated voice known as Siri can read selected text aloud (Speak Selection) or tell you exactly what is happening on your screen (VoiceOver). Siri can even answer your questions e.g. "What's the weather today?" Many of our Aptus Speech Therapy apps also use iOS voices.

Your device will use the default voice for your country (US, United Kingdom, Australia etc) which is generally of poorer quality. The enhanced voices can be installed easily and selected instead. So, if you have an enhanced voice selected, you will hear a much more pleasant, high-quality voice in our speech therapy apps and on your device generally.

Here's how to choose an enhanced voice on your device:

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility

...... and tap Speech.

Select Voices.

Choose the voice and dialect that you want the device to use. In this example, we choose the US voice of "Samantha".