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How to Use Zoom - A Guide for People with Aphasia

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Zoom is a popular video-teleconferencing platform. It is a wonderful way to connect people with aphasia who live in different geographical locations.

It is especially helpful during the current COVID19 crisis as it enables people to keep in touch without leaving the safety of their own homes.

Below you will find some guidelines for people with aphasia and their family members that explain how to set up a Zoom account.

Step 1 : Find the Zoom website

Go to Google. Click inside the search bar at the top. Type

The Zoom website should then load.

Step 2 : Sign Up for Zoom

Click Sign Up, It's Free.

Next, you will need to type your email address in the box.

Then click Sign Up.

Step 3: Enter your details

Type your First Name, Last Name and Password

Click inside each box before typing.

Re-type your password in the Confirm Password Box.

Then, click Continue.

Step 4: Skip Inviting Others (for now)

You will then be asked if you would like to invite others.

Click Skip this Step. You will then be asked to confirm your subscription to Zoom.

Click Confirm.

A message confirming that an email was sent to you will appear.

Step 5: Look for Email from Zoom