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"Understanding Speech Development: Is Your Child's Speech Delayed?"

speech sound development in children
Is my child's speech delayed?

If your child's speech is unclear and they are making pronunciation errors, you might wonder if these signs point to a speech delay. In this blog post, we explain what sounds children are expected to have mastered at different ages.

Typical Speech Development vs Speech Delayed

When a child is learning to talk, they gradually learn to say different speech sounds. Children do make speech sound errors when they are learning. There is a pattern of speech sound errors or phonological processes that all typically developing children make.

While it is normal for a child to make speech sound errors when they are learning to talk, they are expected to master different speech sounds by a certain age. If speech sound errors persist beyond the age at which they should be resolved, the child may have a speech delay.

Should You Worry About Your Child's Speech?

Use Our Speech Development Chart

Our speech sound norms chart offers insights into your child's speech development, indicating whether it aligns with typical age-related milestones. By consulting the chart, you can determine whether the sounds your child has difficulty with are expected for their age. For instance, the 'R' sound is a later-developing sound. If a 3-year-old has difficulty with it and no other sounds, this generally isn’t of concern. The chart clearly outlines the different ages at which children typically master various speech sounds, helping you understand the typical progression of speech development.

If you do have any concerns, seek an appointment with a speech and language therapist. Many will be able to briefly discuss your concerns with you via phone or email and determine if a speech sound assessment is required.

We hope you have found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below. Thanks for reading.


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